A Tour of Scondera

Take an illustrated tour through the lands of Scondera with art and commentary from Greymalkin Designs’ upcoming post-apocalyptic fantasy roleplaying game, Desolation.

The Races of Desolation

The Beasts of Desolation

Sample Communities in the After

Onyx Falls
The Brotherhood of Silent Voices established the monastery nearly four generations ago, choosing the valley for both its remote location and beauty.

Broken River

No one had really thought about how Broken River had got its name. It was pretty obvious. Once a wide bend in a deep, slow moving river that had made its way from the Primea to the Green Sea, all that remained was the long lazy dry curve that now acted as a moat of sorts, surrounding three sides of the village. A broken river, indeed.


A rover village ship that once traded between Cushulain and Ascondea along the Rappian River is at the center of Shipwreck. Its brightly painted masts jut up conspicuously from the hull at odd angles in a stark juxtaposition to the dead fields surrounding the ship. Whatever brought the ship out into the plains that now surround it did not do so gently.

Sample Regions

The Warlands
While the eastern half of the continent was slowly building, the Warlands seem to have always been in conflict.

Until the Apocalypse, the recent history of the Empire had been bright, filled with successes and victories. However, a few exceptions stand out. Verelanar was one of its greatest failures.

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