Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Is Desolation available? Where can I get it?
A: Desolation and the Survivors supplement are both available now, both online and from local game stores. If they don't have it in stock, they can order it through their distributor.

Q:What were your inspirations for Desolation?
A: Our inspirations ranged from real-world events, such as the Black Plague and the fall of the Roman Empire to old westerns, Conan, Jeremiah, A Song of Ice and Fire and Dark Tower.

Q:Why did you choose to license the Ubiquity system?
A: We were looking for a system that put roleplaying and story first, and allowed for fast, cinematic combat. Ubiquity, with its Style Points and ability to take the average, was a perfect fit.

Q:Do I need special dice to play Desolation?
A: No, any dice will work. However, playing with special Ubiquity dice allows you to roll less dice and speeds play.

Q:Are monsters included in the books?
A:Yes, the core book contains dozens of creatures to battle and rules for creating your own Broken and Weave-Touched creatures. The Survivors supplement features dozens more, including Waeve-touched versions of mythical fantasy monsters.

Q:Can I set a campaign before or during the Apocalypse?
A:Yes. Desolation includes information on the world before the Apocalypse, and explains what happened during it — in addition to the default setting of 18 months after the Apocalypse.

Q:What races can I play?
A: Desolation includes seven playable races, including three new fantasy races.

Q:What types of magic users can I play?
A: In Desolation, magic comes from one source but is used in different ways depending on the caster's tradition. The traditions are: Animism, which can affect the body and fate; Beguiling magic, which affects the mind; Elemental magic, which deals with the forces of earth, wind, water and fire; Necromancy, which affects life force and the dead; Primal magic, which focuses the power of Nature through totem animals; Rune Magic, which is used by the dwarves to enhance the world around them, or detract from it; and Sorcery, which uses magical energy directly. The Survivors supplement includes two new magic traditions that were not well known before the Apocalypse: Blood Rune Magic and Shadow Magic.

Q: How does magic work in Desolation?
A: Magic is free-form, so there are no written spells to cast. Characters can cast anything within the guidelines of their tradition and the limits of their imagination. This power is limited by Burn, which is a painful side effect of using magic.

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